Advanced Bed Liner technologies

Bed liners have been around for years providing varying degrees of protection, durability and appearance. Often we had to sacrifice one feature in favor of another. To make matters worse, we were also at the mercy of the workmanship and equipment used to apply the materials.

Trendz Tint and Accessories llc uses the most advanced materials with new state of the art equipment so you never have to compromise on the most important bed liner features. Our superior bed liner technology achieves the same level of protection as our competitors with a finer texture and thinner more durable coating. Our attention to detail means you never have to worry about peeling or chipping from typical wear and tear.

Bed liners are not just for truck beds! You can apply this durable yet decorative material to fender flares, rocker panels, bumpers, or even line a fishing boat interior for a non-slip easy care finish.

Benefits of bed liner

  • Rust & corrosion protection
    • Inland Northwest weather can really do some damage to unprotected surfaces. Bed liner coatings prevent rust and corrosion to protect your investment.

  • Stain resistant
    • Using your truck for hauling cargo can sometimes result in discoloration or staining due to the occasional mishap. Bed liners are resistant to stains from chemical spills or other minor blemishes.

  • Anti-skid convenience
    • A bed liner can keep your cargo from sliding around by providing a resilient anti-skid surface that helps hold things in place.

  • Style & durability
    • If your truck is more than a fashion statement, then you know how beat up an unprotected surface can look over time. A quality bed liner absorbs minor impacts and scratches from typical daily abuse.

The Trendz difference

Bed liners from Trendz Tint and Accessories llc come with the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty.

Exceptional workmanship

Trendz attention to detail and state of the art equipment provide phenominal results you can be proud of.

Perfect coverage
Crisp lines & fine texture
Truck Bed
Not just for cargo

Trendz can transform the look of your vehicle using bed liner to add durable yet stylish accents.

Stylish accents

Apply to any paintable surface